Welcome to my webpages, I'm Mike Bishop.  This is my first attempt at web publishing so please bear with me.  I'm learning as I go and hope that these pages will evolve into something interesting, informative and maybe even useful!

One of my big passions is cars, in particular, that great British marque "Triumph".   It goes without saying that in the future there will be a lot of Triumph stuff here!

In the meantime, why not check out my Blog below!

Site History

18/03/2011 - Added link to Speedometer overhaul/repair technical web page

25/10/2010 - RSS Feed link to Blog added

07/10/2010 - New Technical link started to collate hydraulic cylinder bore sizes

26/02/2010 - Registration Plate County Listing page added

23/11/2009 - Fanbelt page updated

18/11/2009 - Technical Page created with first link to Fanbelt Sizes

30/10/2009 - "What's new on my site" section added.   Background design changed.

28/10/2009 - "My Cars" & "Links" pages added.

27/10/2009 - Website created and first published.

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